The Abbot General's Council


The following form the Abbot General’s council, which is also the Council of the Generalate: the Procurator General who is counselor because of his office, three male major Superiors and three female Major Superiors elected by the General Chapter in accordance with art. 54t or by the Synod of the Order in accordance with art. 74n for the time between two General Chapters, except as stated in § 3 (Constitutions of the Cistercian Order, art. 96 § 1).

ex officio - Procurator General Father Lluc Torcal
First Counsellor - Abbot Peter Verhalen
Second Counsellor - Abbot President John XXIII Nguyen Van Son
Third Counsellor - Abbot Pius Maurer
First Counsellor - Prioress Christiane Hansen
Second Counsellor - Abbess Eugenia Pablo
Third Counsellor - Abbess Gertrud Pesch