Secretariat for Formation

It will deal with everything related to the Monastic Formation Courses (CFM), Courses for Superiors and also other sporadic courses, also with university credits, according to what is established in  the Ratio Institutionis of the Order, 49.

The Secretariat is responsible for:

1. The organization of the Monastic Formation Courses of the Cistercian Order, both at the academic and secretarial level, according to the   statute of the CFM.
2. The organization of courses for the Superiors of the Cistercian Order, both at the level of content and secretariat.
3. The organization of the various courses that can be offered online by the General Curia.
4. The preparation and provision of documents related to formation.
5. The coordination of formation activities in the Congregations and between the Congregations and communities.
6. The coordination of inter-monastic formation activities.
7. Taking care of updating the formation documents on the Order Website.

Secretariats of the CFM
Fr. Gregory of Jędrzejów
Sr. Pauline of Helfta