Legal Secretariat

Its task is to assist in questions of canon law, changes in canon law, as  in the case of the Motu Proprio, and the modifications to be introduced in the Constitutions of the Order and of the individual Congregations. Its task is to support the governance of the Order in legal matters.
They will have to inform the Order, especially through the Procurator General, of the novelties that the Church introduces into Universal Law.
They will have to evaluate the proposals for amendments to the Constitutions of the Order and the decrees issued by the General Chapter and the Synod, before (as proposals) and after their approval.
They will have to examine as experts the changes introduced in the Constitutions of the individual Congregations, according to art. 6 of the Constitutions of the Order.


Fr. Konrad di Szczyrzyc
Fr. Ignacio di Dallas
Fr. Bazezew di Shola