Secretariat for Communication

Its task is to improve communication and information between the members of the Order in a more modern and effective way – for example, Webpages, Newsletters, Directory updates. The Commission will establish the criteria and will contact the people of the various Congregations that are already involved in this service. The Secretariat is responsible for managing the Order's website and coordinating with the various Congregations.
Each Congregation will establish a contact person for the news of its Congregation. This person may coincide with a member of the Secretariat, who will thus act as head of his own Congregation.  
The work of the secretariat will ordinarily take place online from the monasteries to which the members of the secretariat belong. In an extraordinary circumstance (for example during the celebration of the General Chapter), the members of the secretariat will be able to gather in a specific place and, in this case, the expenses of the gathering will be borne by the General Curia.


Fr. Matthew di Dallas,
Fr. Andrew di Phuoc Son
Sr. Elisabeth di Boulaur
E-mail to transmit communications/news: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.